Monday, March 31, 2014

Tips to Make a Smartphone Battery Last Longer

If you are like most people, you love your smartphone. The most common issue for anyone that uses their phone a lot is running low on battery. With this in mind, here are six tips to save battery life in your smartphone.
  1. Turn off services: Whether you have a Samsung or Apple device, you have programs and services running in the background. Most of the time, you will want them to stay on since they are helpful. If you are not using services or applications, you should turn them off in order to help conserve battery life. Disabling features you aren’t using, like wireless will also help save a lot of battery life. Then, when you want to use a hotspot or jump on your GPS, you can enable these programs.
  2. Dim your screen: While it is fun to look at a bright screen, most of the time it is overkill. To save energy and enjoy your phone, you should dim the screen. By doing this, you can extend the life of the battery charge significantly. Whether you have an iPhone or android device, you can make this change by going into the settings panel. The great thing about this is you will not notice a difference in your resolution.
  3. Quick screen timeout: When you grab your phone to check a text or call, the screen will brighten up for a minute. While this is beneficial, it is a wasteful process. To save some power, you should change your smartphone settings. With a faster timeout, you will not waste unnecessary energy. This is a huge tip to follow as most smartphone screens use a lot of power.
  4. Notifications: Without a doubt, when you have a million notifications coming in at all hours, you will waste a lot of power. While it is nice to know when you get a text message or call, you can probably tone this down. For this reason, if you want a longer battery life, you must turn off notifications for some applications such as Facebook or Twitter.
  5. Disable unnecessary applications: It is nice to have your email or other things on in the background, but you should tone down your applications. When turning them off or disabling them from running in the background, you will see your battery life last longer. So, remember, it is overkill to leave your game running 24/7. And, when you stop these unnecessary processes, you will save some serious energy.
  6. Consider professional help:  Say you have done all of the above, yet it’s 1pm and you have 3% battery left!  Now what?  Don’t worry.  If you are one of those people who rely heavily on smartphones and tablets for daily activities, consider swapping your regular smartphone case with an Alpatronix battery case.  These devices at least double your smartphone’s battery life and can make your battery last all day, if not more.  If you need a solution for your tablet, consider an Alpatronix battery pack.  All Alpatronix products come with a 1-year warranty to ensure your peace of mind.

If you have a smartphone, you should follow these five tips. Remember, with a proactive approach, you can see your battery last a long time, all with only a small effort.


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