Thursday, February 27, 2014

Top 7 Road Trip Necessities

Whether you’re taking a cross-country trip or simply driving to the next state over – which is quite a drive for large states like Texas – there are a set of essentials to take along with you. The list below is guaranteed a great time and the absolute minimal amount of whining and groaning!

1. Playlist
The perfect playlist is crucial in the makings of a good road trip – unless singing “100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” repeatedly (and in unison) is appealing to you. And a good playlist means multiple playlists to please everyone because, of course, each one has a personality of its own. As a side tip: although the car stereo is fit for music duty on the road, a portable speaker will come in handy for stops and recreational activities on the way. 

2. Movies/TV shows
Eventually, you may need some visual stimulation for the mundane stretches of the trip. Preparing a hefty stock of your favorite movies and television shows will help battle the boredom when images of lush greeneries or booming cities aren’t available through the car window. In the case you like to enjoy your shows in peace, make sure to pack a set of headphones – especially ones that are compatible to most of your devices. Also since watching movies drains phone battery significantly, consider taking your smartphone battery case and travel charger (insert link for battery case category page)… or even get an extra one!

3. Snacks
There are already so many reasons to make stops and to waste time on a road trip: using the restroom, stretching out your legs, viewing sights, etc. One unnecessary stop you can avoid, however, is making a stop for food. A cooler full of easy-to-eat car food like pre-cut fruits and veggies can quiet a groaning stomach and curb the hunger until a real meal is necessary.

4. Maps and travel apps
Unless you have chronic free-spirit tendencies, you have to know where you’re going. Make sure to download the most current maps and travel apps to find the fastest or most scenic routes as well as the best stops on those routes. Using a cell phone car mount for your navigating device is probably the most beneficial method for easy viewing, and some car mounts nowadays can charge your device at the same time. For those times when you are walking or hiking and don’t have access to a car charger, consider using your iPhone battery case (insert link to battery case category page) to help sustain battery while using your navigation app. 

5. Comfort items/Toiletries
Sitting in the same position for long hours can be extremely uncomfortable and tiresome. The best you can do is create the coziest environment possible by wearing comfortable and loose-fitting clothing while snuggling up in a cloud of blankets and pillows from home. Also, keep a small bag of toiletries close-by for convenience. The last thing you would want to do is dig around a full trunk for a toothbrush. 

6. Power Inverter
In this day and age, you probably have multiple technological devices that you use for anything and everything. If keeping these gadgets up and running is imperative for your journey, you may want to invest in a car power inverter. It simply uses the car battery to power electrical devices whether it’s for entertainment, business, or recreational purposes. 

7. The right people
If you’re Thelma, you need a Louise. In other words, you need the right companions – your partner in crime, your loving family, your wolf gang - for your trip, because only those people won’t drive you absolutely insane. Or maybe they will, but at least you’ll be stuck with people you love!
As long as you have these few items with you, we can safely say you’re ready to imagine all of your wind-blowing-through-your-hair-with-the-windows-down glory! 


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