Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Alpatronix BX110 iPhone 5S/5 Battery Charger Case Review

There is nothing more frustrating for iPhone users than seeing the battery reach low levels. Fortunately, the Alpatronix BX110 iPhone 5S/5 battery charger case is designed to extend the battery life of the latest Apple smartphone. This innovative product essentially serves dual purposes of protecting and charging the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5. Available in black, white, pink, black/white, or pink/white, the Alpatronix battery charger case is designed to complement and enhance the natural appearance of the iPhone 5S. Additionally, the charger case is compatible with all iPhone 5 & 5S versions. Of course, the custom charger case has multiple cutouts designed specifically for the iPhone 5S features such as camera and speaker. The case connects to the 8-pin USB connector of your iPhone, and you can charge or sync your phone and case through the micro USB input on the BX110.

With a capacity of nearly 2000mAh, the Alpatronix BX110 case charger can almost double the total battery life of the iPhone 5S/5. The advanced Lithium Polymer design is sleek and optimized to hold a maximum amount of electrical charge for such a small case size. On average, users can enjoy up to eight hours of battery life off a fully charged Alpatronix BX110 charger case. The eight hour limit applies to talk time and 3G surfing. For video play, this innovative case charger can keep the iPhone 5S powered for nearly 10 hours. For audio play, the Alpatronix product can allow iPhone 5S users to enjoy up to 40 hours of their favorite songs such as through the popular iTunes applications and playlists.

The Alpatronix case battery charger for the iPhone 5S/5 comes with protective technology that prevents short circuits and over charging. When the battery is charged fully, the circuit automatically shuts down to prevent any heating and damage to the iPhone 5S/5.

Weighing only 62 grams, the Alpatronix battery case charger is lightweight but it also provides solid protection against bumps, scratches and impacts of the iPhone 5. The materials of the case are engineered to withstand harsh treatment to keep the sensitive electronics inside safe and sound. Please note that due to the very slim profile of this case, the sides and the screen of the iPhone is exposed.

The Alpatronix battery charger case for the iPhone 5S/5 comes with a mini USB charging cable that is universally compatible with traditional USB wall chargers, car chargers, computers and other electronic devices with USB ports. You can also sync and charge your phone and case together.  Simply connect the USB cable to your computer to sync, or any other charger for charging. The BX110 battery case for iPhone 5S/5 is programmed to let your iPhone charge first, followed by the battery case. When needed, turn on or off the battery charger case for the iPhone 5S/5 by pressing and holding the power button for 3 seconds. Users are also notified about the battery life with small LED light indicators that show the charging progress.


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